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Planting seeds of hope for Ukrainians in rural de-occupied villages

Spring is here! Last year alone, we delivered more than 5,000 seed packages to areas in need, including Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv, and Chernihiv.
We’re preparing to deliver more seed packages as part of our Humanitarian Aid Program. These seeds play a crucial role in helping villagers in deoccupied areas rebuild their gardens, which were destroyed by Russia to starve Ukrainians.
Seeds provide more than immediate relief; they’re crucial for long-term community sustainability, especially in wartime when food sources are scarce. They enable families to grow their own food, ensuring access to food even when supplies are limited.
Together, we’re planting hope and making a lasting impact. Your donation towards our humanitarian aid program can help sustain Ukrainian communities affected by war.
Your support has been instrumental in our efforts. Thanks to your generosity, we’ve provided over $10.3 million in humanitarian aid, including food, water, and essentials.
Thank you for supporting United Help Ukraine!
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