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United Help Ukraine’s Medical Aid Program provides supplies and equipment to state-run and military hospitals across Ukraine. We also help cover medical expenses for wounded service members and veterans and offer additional support for living and travel costs for those who require long-term treatment.

Two smaller components of the program promote the mental wellness of civilians traumatized by war and pay for travel to the U.S. for amputee defenders in need of prostheses, physical therapy and emotional support.

Through purchases, partnerships, and in-kind donations from the U.S. and abroad, we obtain and distribute everything from syringes to ventilators and other life-saving operating-room equipment. The State of Maryland donated several ventilators that we transported to hospitals in need.                                                 

This program also provides triage-training funds to help medical providers in Ukraine handle mass-casualty events. UHU has a joint venture with the Syrian American Medical Association in Washington, D.C., and the Ukrainian Medical Association called Project 22. This collaboration supplies a network of 22 hospitals on the front lines with resources to handle mass casualties.

“Medical aid is incredibly crucial during this time of intense conflict, and our Medical Aid Program allows us to provide much-needed, life-saving  supplies to hospitals and other medical facilities across Ukraine.” Maryna Baydyuk, President, UHU

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Mental Wellness

The Mental Wellness Program, part of the Medical Aid Program, supports a network of psychologists across Ukraine who are vital to the mental health of traumatized Ukrainians, especially children. This program includes our Smuha Family Resilience Project. The title, from the Ukrainian word for path, lane, or line, suggests a way forward even in the most difficult conditions. Smuha has multiple components to address the needs of children and those who care for them. Through our program, we: •  Build the capacity of mental health professionals across Ukraine to better support young children and their parents •  Provide family-centered therapeutic activities and support groups for parents •  Support the psychosocial and mental health needs of adolescent refugees •  Create child-friendly and play-focused spaces where young children can feel safe and comforted. Our psychological aid efforts started in 2022 with a rehabilitation program for children known as Hibuki Therapy, which originated in Israel. Hibuki means “my hug” in Hebrew. Children suffering from psychological trauma received guided toy therapy, with remarkable results in emotional recovery. Through this initiative, we donated more than 5,000 Hibuki dolls to Ukrainian children. “It is vital to the health of Ukraine’s children and young people that they are not overlooked during this challenging time. We are proud to be at the forefront of efforts to care for the people who represent such a crucial piece of our nation’s future.” Maryna Baydyuk, President, UHU

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Wounded Warrior

The Wounded Warrior Program, part of the Medical Aid Program, supports travel to the U.S. for treatment not available to amputees in Ukraine. The treatment is provided in partnership with Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics in Silver Spring, MD. We also offer housing, transportation, entertainment, and emotional support to those who have sacrificed so much fighting for their country. This initiative was featured in The Washington Post. “By providing emotional support to our brave warriors, United Help Ukraine is giving these soldiers a piece of home while they are receiving life saving treatment here in the US.” Maryna Baydyuk, President, UHU.

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We recently provided an additional fully stocked ambulance to ensure successful transportation, evacuation, and medical assistance for the people of Ukraine.
We recently sponsored a series of masterclasses for kids in Kryvyi Rih, aiming to restore a sense of normalcy and joy in their lives during these challenging times.
What went from an empty space to a bustling hub of hope, our warehouse has been filled with aid ready to be shipped to civilians and defenders impacted by war.

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