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Financial reports

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Defender's Aid

Your Impact
$25 Million for overall Defender's Aid
45860 first aid kits
326 drones

Medical Aid

Your Impact
$28.3 Million for overall Medical Aid
10 wounded supported in DC area
36 containers of medical supplies

Humanitarian Aid

Your Impact
$10.3 Million for overall Humanitarian Aid
381 vehicles
3963 gifts to children

Financial Reports

Name Year
Tax Return for 2022 Download 2022
Tax Return for 2021 Download 2021
Tax Return for 2020 Download 2020
Tax Return for 2019 Download 2019
Tax Return for 2018 Download 2018
Tax Return for 2017 Download 2017
Tax Return for 2016 Download 2016
Tax Return for 2015 Download 2015

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