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From fundraisers to awareness campaigns to event rallies, UHU engages Ukrainians around the world.


This year, United Help Ukraine sponsored Ukrainian veterans to join the 48th annual Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC! Prior to the event, we held a meet and greet party to properly welcome the heroes and get them ready for the big race.
In an initiative with Saint Andrews Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral of Metropolitan Washington DC, we collected leftover Halloween candy to send to the children of Ukraine just in time for the holidays.
This event was dedicated to tactical training for the special unit of the Ukrainian national police battalion. United Help Ukraine supports this battalion providing assistance throughout 2022. [Video]
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In active combat zones, the regular ambulances are not able to reach people in need of evacuation. Thanks to our donors, United Help Ukraine was able to acquire two armored military evacuation vehicles for the First Volunteer Mobile Hospital of Ukraine. [Video]
The incredible donation of over 1,000 cans of Soldier Fuel energy drinks have made it to the frontlines, providing Ukrainian heroes with the vital energy they need to stay energized and battle-ready.
In support of United Help Ukraine, a team of creatives in the Washington, D.C. area set out on a mission to remind people about the impact of the war on real people, families, children, friends, all with real hopes and dreams. [Video]
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