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United Help Ukraine International Center for Tactical Medicine

[Video] Since June of 2023, United Help Ukraine has been providing advanced tactical medical training to Ukraine’s defenders, training up to 750 defenders and medics each month!

10,000 first aid kits for frontline defenders

Back in the fall, United Help Ukraine and the band Antytila / Антитіла joined forces on a world tour with an important goal: raise money for 10,000 first aid kits.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers who joined us today!

With their incredible help, we were able to pack a 40ft container with essentials including backpacks, medical supplies, and other vital aid that will soon be sent to Ukraine.

Celebrating 2 years of our warehouse in Ukraine!

What went from an empty space to a bustling hub of hope, our warehouse has been filled with aid ready to be shipped to civilians and defenders impacted by war.

Providing solace to Ukraine’s Defenders through equestrian therapy

Together with ХАробрість, we continue to provide equestrian therapy sessions to Ukrainian defenders.

Supporting Ukraine’s Defenders on the Frontlines

Your support is crucial in providing essential aid to frontline defenders!

United Help Ukraine and Antytila on 1+1 Marathon

Maryna Baydyuk, the president of United Help Ukraine, and Taras Topolia, the leader of the Ukrainian band “Antytila,” appeared on the national telethon on channel 1+1 to tell Ukrainians about their collaboration. [Video]

See how your support has helped people and saved lives in Ukraine

United Help Ukraine highlights $64 million in humanitarian, medical, and tactical aid to Ukraine. [Video]

Empowering Frontline Defenders with Life-Saving Skills

Thanks to your support, we’ve equipped 35 more frontline defenders with crucial first aid training.

Gear for Ukrainian Defenders

Help us provide gear for Ukrainian defenders on the frontlines!