Hibuki Project

Providing Psychological Support to Ukrainian Children

“Hibuki” means “Open Embrace” in Hebrew.

It is also an intervention that supports the mental health of children impacted by war trauma. 

The Hibuki intervention, first developed in Israel in 2006, uses a specially designed toy dog and has since helped children across the globe to cope with traumatic events. Now we are bringing Hibuki dogs to Ukraine. 

Delivered by a trained adult, this play-based intervention allows children to share what they have experienced in the aftermath of traumatic events. Children get to keep the Hibuki dog and learn to cope with difficult emotions by taking care of him. 

All Hibuki toys and therapeutic supports are provided free of charge in Ukraine and in refugee centers through a network of volunteers from Ukraine, Israel and the United States.  

With your support, we can bring comfort, therapeutic play, and relief to children and families at a time when they need it most.

Contact us at hibuki@unitedhelpukraine.com

Project Updates

  • Over $53,000 has been raised by June 15 through private donations

  • 6,100 Hibuki dogs have been produced including 1,100 inside Ukraine to help support local seamstresses

  • 150 therapists and volunteers have been trained in multiple locations across the country

Hibuki Distribution Map