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Transform the lives of Ukrainian heroes

Thank you for allowing us to transform the lives of Ukrainian heroes.
Ilya and Denis, two Ukrainian defenders whose lives have been tragically changed as a result of the war, have been able to come to the United States to receive prosthesis and rehabilitation because of your support!
Your generous donations have allowed us to cover all non-medical expenses such as housing and transportation, while they receive prosthesis and rehabilitation, completely covered by Medical Center Orthotics & Prosthetics here in silver spring, Maryland.
This about more than just prosthesis. This is about regaining independence, freedom, and hope to return to a normal life.
Thank you for standing with the heroes who have selflessly defended Ukraine’s sovereignty.
To support Denys and Ilya, and future wounded warriors who come to the United States to receive prostheses, please consider making a donation to our Wounded Warrior Project.
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