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Prosthetics and Rehabilitation for Ukraine’s Hero Dmytro

We’re honored to introduce Dmytro Bykhovchenko, our 29th Wounded Warrior.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers who joined us today!

With their incredible help, we were able to pack a 40ft container with essentials including backpacks, medical supplies, and other vital aid that will soon be sent to Ukraine.

Ambulance for people with disabilities

We recently provided an additional fully stocked ambulance to ensure successful transportation, evacuation, and medical assistance for the people of Ukraine.

Providing masterclasses for children of war

We recently sponsored a series of masterclasses for kids in Kryvyi Rih, aiming to restore a sense of normalcy and joy in their lives during these challenging times.

Celebrating 2 years of our warehouse in Ukraine!

What went from an empty space to a bustling hub of hope, our warehouse has been filled with aid ready to be shipped to civilians and defenders impacted by war.

Providing solace to Ukraine’s Defenders through equestrian therapy

Together with ХАробрість, we continue to provide equestrian therapy sessions to Ukrainian defenders.

United Help Ukraine and Antytila on 1+1 Marathon

Maryna Baydyuk, the president of United Help Ukraine, and Taras Topolia, the leader of the Ukrainian band “Antytila,” appeared on the national telethon on channel 1+1 to tell Ukrainians about their collaboration. [Video]

See how your support has helped people and saved lives in Ukraine

United Help Ukraine highlights $64 million in humanitarian, medical, and tactical aid to Ukraine. [Video]

Continuing our recap of United Help Ukraine’s visit to Dusseldorf, Germany!

We’re thankful for Mr. Lehne’s hospitality, support, and partnership, and for the overwhelming support of the German people!

Exciting developments in Germany

We’ve partnered with AVP – Akzeptanz, Vertrauen, Perspektive e.V. to establish UkraineHilfe Düsseldorf, a hub for humanitarian aid to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in Germany.