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Planting seeds of hope for Ukrainians in rural de-occupied villages

Spring is here! Last year alone, we delivered more than 5,000 seed packages to areas in need, including Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv, and Chernihiv.

Celebrating 2 years of our warehouse in Ukraine!

What went from an empty space to a bustling hub of hope, our warehouse has been filled with aid ready to be shipped to civilians and defenders impacted by war.

Celebrating our 70th fully-stocked ambulance for the frontlines!

Thanks to your incredible support, we’ve now dispatched 70 ambulances, equipped with top-of-the-line medical supplies, to the frontlines.

See how your support has helped people and saved lives in Ukraine

United Help Ukraine highlights $64 million in humanitarian, medical, and tactical aid to Ukraine. [Video]

We continue to share updates from our trip to Dusseldorf!

Exciting opportunities include supporting hospitals, workforce training for refugees in Germany, and implementing greener energy solutions such as solar panels and water filtration systems.

Exciting developments in Germany

We’ve partnered with AVP – Akzeptanz, Vertrauen, Perspektive e.V. to establish UkraineHilfe Düsseldorf, a hub for humanitarian aid to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

Holiday celebration at the House of Kindness

We’re excited to share updates on The House of Kindness, our community center for displaced families and children of servicemen, offering essential humanitarian aid and psychological support. [Video]

Bringing Christmas joy to children in Kharkiv

Your support helped us bring a sense of normalcy to these children this Christmas, and nothing compares to the joy of seeing their smiles light up as they receive their gifts. [Video]

Bringing holiday cheer to the children of Ivano-Frankivsk!

Your generosity has brought joy and a touch of normalcy to their lives this holiday season.

United Help Ukraine and Deloitte: Comfort Boxes for Children in Ukraine

United Help Ukraine teamed up with Deloitte to make a difference and transform repurposed bomb shelters into spaces of warmth, learning, and play. [Video]