Our Focus

Medical Supplies

United Help Ukraine raises money to provide medical supplies for those injured in the war in Ukraine. These medical supplies save the lives of soldiers and civilians. [More…]

Humanitarian Aid

United Help Ukraine has ongoing food drive for internally displaced Ukrainians. We organized clothes drives for the families that lost their loved ones because of the war. We shipped hundreds of boxes of summer and winter clothes for adults and kids of all ages. [More…]

Hibuki Therapy Project

United Help Ukraine sponsors the Open Embrace Hibuki Project to support the mental health of children impacted by war trauma. We are delivering the Hibuki intervention to children in Ukraine and in refugee centers in relocation countries. [More…]

Wounded Warrior

United Help Ukraine organizes dedicated fundraisers and helps wounded Ukrainian warriors, as well as the families of wounded and killed in the war. [More…]

Raising Awareness

United Help Ukraine has held multiple rallies in Washington, DC in support of Ukraine’s freedom and independence. We also organized multiple protests in response to Russia’s unlawful action in and against Ukraine. [More…]