Our Focus

Through our programs we are able to aid Ukrainians on the ground who are fighting to protect the freedom and future of Ukraine. We are also able to help their families and those directly impacted by the devastation caused by the Russian invasions.


Defenders Aid

United Help Ukraine’s flagship program, Defenders Aid, provides medical supplies, protective equipment, clothing, and training to those on the ground in Ukraine including members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Territorial Defense Forces, National Guard, first responders, law enforcement agencies, civil defense and volunteer units as well as civilians. [More…]


Medical Aid

United Help Ukraine’s second-largest engagement is providing medical aid to state-run and military hospitals across the country. Services range from supplying syringes, ventilators and other life-saving operating room equipment to providing personnel with triage training in the event of mass casualties. [More…]


Humanitarian Aid

United Help Ukraine’s Humanitarian Aid Program focuses on alleviating food insecurity throughout the country and provides access to clean water to besieged areas. UHU also distributes power generators, hygiene products. vehicles for first responders and rescuers, and building supplies to civilians and internally displaced persons (IDP). [More…]



“Smuha” is United Help Ukraine’s new effort to address the mental health of children and families impacted by the war in Ukraine. [More…]


Raising Awareness

United Help Ukraine’s Awareness, Advocacy and Community Engagement Campaign is focused on protecting the lives of Ukrainian people and ensuring they have the supplies and support to remain a free and independent nation. UHU is committed to raising awareness for the people of Ukraine and providing them with critical support and humanitarian aid. [More…]