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Washington DC rally

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Congress is finally back from vacation, and will now debate whether or not to abandon Ukraine. We’ll be there all day – join us when you can!
We have extra flags and signs to borrow, so just come as you are.
🟡 Support Ukraine Above Politics: Let’s continue to act!
As Congress members return from their break, and with the aid package still pending, let’s show them that Ukrainians stand united with them in anticipation of a positive outcome.
This vote influences the course of history – your voice and presence matters.
We call for all Ukrainians and allies in Washington DC and surrounding areas to join this historic protest!
🔹 Date: Jan 10
🔹Time: 9:30am – 6:00pm
🔹Location: Senate entrance at Constitution Ave NE and Delaware Ave NE.
(between the Capitol & Russel office Building.)
🟡protest organized by
📄 poster by Ganka Smirnova

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