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United Help Ukraine has received the support of over 360,000 donors through Facebook fundraisers. Without your generosity, we could not do the work we do on the ground. Thanks to your donations, UHU has been able to provide life-saving aid kits, deliver humanitarian aid including food, medicine, and rehabilitation.

You can continue to support us by donating on Facebook in the links below. As a reminder, Facebook fundraisers handle donations without processing fees.

Bank of America, N.A.
222 Broadway, New York, NY 10038
Routing Number (ACH): 051000017
Routing Number (Wire): 026009593
Account Number: 435035613642
United Help Ukraine, Inc.

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We greatly appreciate your financial contributions towards on the ground relief efforts for the war in Ukraine. For all wire donations please use the following address:

Combined Federal Campaign

United Help Ukraine is participating in the Combined Federal Campaign! CFC is the charitable campaign for Federal Government employees to pledge tax-deductible contributions to approved non-profit organizations. Visit the CFC website and register today to make United Help Ukraine your charity of choice!
CFC #: 71359

Families. Friends. Children.
Real people. Real hopes and dreams.

For close to a year, a devastating war has ravaged the peaceful nation of Ukraine. Thousands have been killed, hundreds of thousands kidnapped and taken deep into Russia, and millions displaced. The number are staggering and the images we see are so overwhelming that it’s hard to even believe.

But this is reality today, and we cannot forget these are real people – or that we can help them.

Your gift today will provide medical and humanitarian support, as well as the critically important non-lethal resources the Ukrainian defense needs to drive back the invading forces and protect innocent lives.