May 27, 2023
In 2014, Russia invaded Donetsk and turned the city into a lawless enclave run by Russian proxies. The city became very unsafe for a lot of people. Andrei Chupikov, who had a large and profitable business in Donetsk, had to flee with his family to Zaporizhzhia and start from ground zero. However, Andrei’s efforts to rebuild his business were interrupted by a full-scale Russian invasion on February 24, 2022. This is when Andrei restructured his business to fully dedicate it to help Ukrainian army. This is how “Cossack Affairs”, an NGO manufacturing the cans of stewed meat, was born.
The stewed meat they make is tasty, nutritious, easy to carry, store, and enjoy in the trenches, which make them perfect for use as a Ukrainian style MREs.
Cossack Affairs continued to operate despite the constant air missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia and despite serious financial difficulties that Andrei, as a non-profit manufacturer, has experienced during the war.
United Help Ukraine helped Andrei’s business with a new autoclave machine and sealed packaging for improved storage and transportation.
Andrei is also the one who delivers his canned meat and grains to the frontlines. Last week, Andrei took 750 cans to Kastus Kalinouski Regimen Полк Каліноўскага, formed from Belarusian opposition volunteers protecting Ukraine from the aggressor since the start of full-scale invasion. Andrei got under mortar fire during this delivery but was able to safely make it to the Regimen’s trenches and sent us these photos with the happy defenders under the Belarusian flag.
Andrei’s NGO also set up tents in Zaporizhzhia to feed the displaced families fleeing from war-stricken areas. So far, Cossack Affairs and United Help Ukraine together were able to feed tens of thousands of Ukrainian defenders and civilians with canned stewed meats and grains.
Andrei is a selfless, fearless hero, just like many other Ukrainian volunteers, who are doing everything they can to protect Ukraine from the enemy hordes and leave a legacy of flourishing and peaceful Ukraine to their children. Thank you Andrei, for the hard work you put into helping the people of Ukraine.