May 27, 2023
🚨🚨🚨 Our humanitarian aid stops for nothing! Russian bombs caused the entire city of Lviv to lose power. Over 720,000 people without lights, heat, or access to medical care. Our volunteers are still working, using flashlights and headlamps to ship desperately needed aid to our defenders.
When the city of Lviv lost power, our team continued working to ensure that all vital donations proceeded to be shipped out to hospitals and defenders on the frontlines. This was not the first time they had to adjust to working in such conditions under sirens with the constant targeting of infrastructure throughout Ukraine, but they knew that the job had to be done as these deliveries could not wait.
Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, our volunteers were able to load a car with three pallets of medical supplies to be delivered to hospitals, and the following items were sent to our defenders: generators, uniforms, thermal jackets, boots, balaclavas, fleece hats, 100 first aid kits, and 10 fully stocked medical backpacks.
Even when lights are out and sirens are ringing, our team continues to work to ensure vital aid is delivered. We are happy that they are all safe, and we are extremely thankful for their hard work in unprecedented conditions.