8 Months of Brutal War

Today marks 8 months since the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has been targeting civilians since the invasion began. Just in the period between October 7th and 18th, Russia used missiles and Iranian attack drones to carry out 190 massive strikes in multiple Ukrainian cities, damaging residential buildings, purposefully destroying civilian infrastructure, and killing or wounding hundreds.

The recent increased attacks threaten to leave millions of Ukrainians without electricity, water, and heat during cold winter months. It is even more important to keep supporting Ukraine in this difficult time. 

Over these first 8 months, United Help Ukraine has deployed more than $25 Million to Ukraine in the form of medical supplies, tactical gear, and humanitarian aid.

As Russia continues to target civilians with brutal attacks, the number of internally displaced people (IDP) grows each day. United Help Ukraine has deployed $1,547,812 in grants to assist IDP with evacuation efforts, and provide food, water, medicine, and hygienic products. 

We’ve spent over 16 million dollars in support of the brave defenders of Ukraine. This includes uniforms, food, water, fuel, medicine, hygienic products, individual first aid kits, and battlefield tourniquets. 

To prepare for the harsh winter season, we have been focusing on sending thermal wear and generators to defenders so that they can stay warm on the frontlines.

With your help, we have already sent over 400 generators to units across Ukraine. 

United Help Ukraine has been taking part in repairing efforts of residential buildings to ensure that innocent civilians stay warm in the winter months. Watch a video to learn about the work planned in Serhiivka (Odesa region) that is funded by United Help Ukraine. This is one of the many damaged residential buildings that will be repaired, thanks to the support from donors like you. 

Read Victoria’s story, a 32 year old innocent civilian, a mother, from the Donetsk region.

Last month, Victoria suffered terrible spinal injuries as a result of a Russian attack, and was transported to a hospital in the Volyn region. This hospital lacked the proper tools to be able to operate on Victoria, and the many others who came to this hospital with similar spinal injuries. With the help of our donors, United Help Ukraine provided the necessary funding to purchase a Legacy Transpedicular Spinal Fixation System necessary to operate on spinal injuries. 

With the equipment in place, the surgery on Victoria was successful! She is now in the rehabilitation process, working with doctors to be able to have a full recovery. Her biggest wish is to once again hug her 7 month old daughter who stayed behind with her grandmother. 

With the help provided by United Help Ukraine, this will soon be possible. 

This is just one of the thousands of people we have been able to help with life saving medical supplies we have donated to hospitals across Ukraine. With your helpUnited Help Ukraine has donated $1,311,316 in hospital supplies including ventilators, surgical lamps, ultrasound machines, orthopedic devices, incubators, and other medical supplies.


Thank you for standing with Ukraine and supporting our mission. 


Слава Україні!
Slava Ukraini!

Glory to Ukraine!