June 1, 2023
“Mariupol Diary”, an oil painting by Zhenya Gershman tells the story of a mother, Elena Kravtsova, and her two children, an 8-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter. All three suffered severe wounds after a massive attack on Mariupol by Russian forces. They were forced to relocate and live underground in darkness with limited food and water for two weeks. ‘Mariupol Diary’ magnifies an original photograph taken by a family member, Evgeny Sosnovsky, depicting not only the story of this family but the story of hundreds of Mariupol families during this war.
Please watch “Mariupol Diary”, a documentary by journalist Sergei Loiko (first aired on the Ukrainian TV Channel “February Morning”):   

This portrait of the war is now for auction, with 100% of proceeds going toward United Help Ukraine and our mission of saving lives.
Auction ends October 14th
Glory To Ukraine 🇺🇦