Meet Our Team: Emir

Please meet Emir Subayev, our handsome friend and brother, and our most favorite medical doctor. Funny and positive, athletic and cool, our Emir has always had a passion for helping others. He keeps the other volunteers on their feet with his humor, charisma, and talented antics on skate boards and bikes in his free time from sorting medicine in the warehouse. He is a man who knows everything about tactical and hospital medicine, and can teach anyone medical terms very quickly. He efficiently collects orders, and distributes them between hospitals and ambulances. He left his permanent job as a rehabilitologist to volunteer in the warehouse in Lviv, which we and our defenders greatly appreciate.
Currently, Emir is on a business trip in the Mykolaiv region, and we are looking forward to seeing him and his smile when he gets back. We appreciate you Emir and all of the hard work you do for United Help Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine🇺🇦