Meet Our Team: Maryna


And now, a few words about Maryna Baydyuk, the President of United Help Ukraine and what few people know about her.  Her leadership qualities did not just come out of nowhere.  Starting in fourth grade, Maryna was and remained the president of her class.  

Besides leadership, her other true passion has been dancing.  She was enrolled in a choreography school in Kyiv for eight years, starting off as a soloist and then moving on to ballroom dancing. Maryna finished high school with a Gold Medal – having earned an A in every subject except for Phys Ed, reportedly due to some challenges with rope climbing. Subsequently, she was a student at the Medical University of Ukraine.  

When she ended up in the USA, Maryna continued her studies and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Hunter College in New York City and then a PhD in neuroscience at Georgetown University.  When she is not engaged in charity work – and for the last six months those moments are few and far between — Maryna conducts brain research at Georgetown, working with lab mice on finding drug treatments for multiple sclerosis.

With the unfolding of the Euromaidan protests and Russian military aggression against Ukraine in 2014, Maryna sprang into action and began fundraising in support of Ukraine and soon met other likeminded people engaged in similar efforts. Thus, United Help Ukraine was born.

Besides all of this, Maryna is the mother of two wonderful children, Dmytro and Veera. She’s a fearless skier and loves hanging out with friends, greeting the sunrise, travel, sophisticated wine and everything that her husband, Zoreslav, cooks up on the grill.

Simply stated, Maryna loves Ukraine with all her heart and works tirelessly around the clock for Ukraine’s victory.

On behalf of the United Help Ukraine team, we thank Maryna for being the amazing and hard working leader she is.

Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦