Meet Our Team: Sasha


Friends, please meet Sasha! Oleksandra, Sashka, Sanechka. Our shimmering light, our little tireless engine. Adored by “kitties” of the Armed Forces (an endearing name that Ukrainians call their defenders), combat medics, military chaplains, and of course children! All because if Sasha gets a request from the military or anyone for that matter, she will find the item no matter what.

Sasha has been a volunteer since 2014, going to active war zone in eastern Ukraine and helping Ukrainian defenders, as well as kids of the fallen heroes. She continues to go to the frontlines these days too, so that the boys can get everything they need where they need it.

Oleksandra is also a wonderful photographer, avid TikTok user, devoted mushroom hunter, sharpshooter, traveler, and a peony lover. Oleksandra is the one who always rushes to help others, and we thank her for being such an important part of our team.

Glory to Ukraine🇺🇦