American Artists for Ukraine’s Children Art Auction

American Artists for Ukraine’s Children art auction, hosted by United Help Ukraine and Bidsquare, features 35+ distinguished American artists who have donated a master work for this unprecedented event to benefit OHMATDYT, Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital.

In the ongoing Russia full-scale invasion, several hundreds of Ukrainian hospitals & medical centers have been destroyed, with countless medical staff wounded or killed. Tens of thousands of individuals seek desperate medical attention due to war-sustained injuries, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to access nearby medical facilities. Okhmatdyt children’s hospital is one of the largest hospitals remaining, becoming an epicenter of medical care. With an overwhelming influx of patients, there is a desperate need for more medical equipment and supplies. Your generous proceeds generated from this auction will go to the hospital, literally helping to save lives.

As the situation in Ukraine continues to build and worsen, it is crucial more than ever to give your support now. Thank you for your interest in this auction and compassion for helping the children of Ukraine.Register for the auction today with the link below!

More Info: Virtual American Art Benefit Auction

Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦