Meet our team: Bohdan

#MeetOurTeam We would like to introduce Bogdan of United Help Ukraine. Bodʹka, Boda, Bodenka, is the soul of the team!

Funny, fast, responsive, and sings and dances while managing to collect all of the boxes of donations that you see in our photos before they head to the frontlines! He is our volunteer from Maidan- on a tragic day’s end, February 20, 2014, he walked through barricades with a guitar singing holy songs for those who lost brothers. After witnessing the true horrors of war, he immediately decided to help and became a volunteer. Almost every Sunday with friends, he went to the east to distribute aid and sing songs to uplift the morale of the Ukrainian soldiers.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he has found his place in our warehouse, and we love him dearly. He has made an immense impact on Ukraine, and on our team.

Tune in next Friday to meet another member of our team!