Meet our team: Evgeniya

#MeetOurTeam Everyone please meet captain and team leader, Evgeniya Soroka! Zhenja is a decision maker who gets the job done! She is a lawyer by training, but now spends her time volunteering and helping the people of Ukraine. Zhenja grew up playing the piano, even graduating from music school.

She loves ice-cream and when people bring her flowers in the warehouse to brighten up the room after days and nights of unloading packages of aid. She has an adorable dog named Arnie who she took with her to Lviv when evacuating from Kyiv. Zhenja also has a son who would help out at the warehouse before going to university in Germany.

She is constantly in contact with military units and keeps us in the mode of “Ready, Steady, Go!” Zhenja often sacrifices her day off to help the cause and others, but will not allow to be taken advantage of either. That’s our charming Evgeniya! We thank her for being an amazing human being and the glue that holds our team together!

Stay tuned for each Friday as we share more of our volunteers 💪🏻

Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦