Meet our team: Roman

You have seen our volunteers in our posts and the hard work they do every day, but we wanted to give you a chance to get to know them better and see how incredible they truly are! Each Friday, we will continue to highlight our amazing volunteers that work behind the scenes to make all of the magic happen.

And now, attention please!

Roman, aka Romario, aka Romasha. Our pride, the star of TikTok, and overlord of the kingdom of military uniforms and tactical boots. Like no one else, he can pinpoint the right size without measurements! He is known as the heartthrob to all the female members of the warehouse team. Roman is the hero of last-second lucky finds and timely collected orders. Before the war, he was a bartender in Vezha Medvezha, a classy hotel-castle in Lviv, and he is fascinating at recounting the iconic stories of his glorious past working there. His passion and deep knowledge of the best places for the best mushroom hunting in the forests of Lviv can only be compared to his fierce love for Ukraine. We thank Roman for being such an amazing part of our team💛💙

Glory to Ukraine🇺🇦