“Why does this dog have such big ears?”

“Why does this dog have such big ears?” one of the Hibuki specialists asks Lilya.

The answer does not fit into the story about Little Red Riding Hood.

“Because big ears are convenient to wipe tears. And closing your eyes when you are scared is like this!“ she responds.

Children who live in bomb shelters for weeks lose melatonin.

These kids are turning grey.Gray lips, gray skin, gray shadows around the eyes.

These kids have frozen eyes.These children are afraid of loud noises.

Every random clap evokes a terrible memory, and the body immediately reacts with panic.

The mothers of these children have ripped, teary faces. The moms are scared.

It is scary for their war-wounded children, for their husbands at war, for their crippled fate. There is grief and despair in these moms eyes.

We came for three days to give these children Hibuki, psychologists a tool for work, and hope to moms.

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