Update on The Hibuki Therapy Project

The war continues. And Ukrainian children need our help more than ever.

We thank our supporters for donating over $58,000 to The Hibuki Therapy Project since the war started. To date, our project has delivered 6,100 Hibuki Therapy dogs to children in 26 cities across Ukraine, and trained over 150 therapists across Ukraine in the Hibuki Method.

Hibuki is a unique therapeutic tool and methodology developed by Israeli experts in 2006. We are partnering with them to bring this unique tool to as many Ukrainian children as possible. Introduced to a child by a properly trained adult, Hibuki allows children to project their heavy emotions onto their Hibuki dog, and to begin processing their extremely traumatic experiences so they can start their journey to healing.

We are already seeing the results through testimonies of countless parents and their children who have been gifted a Hibuki dog and offered free therapy. But we need to do much more: over 2,000,000 Ukrainian children have had to flee the country. Over 2,500,000 more are internally displaced.

Some have survived the horrors of the war that would be near impossible to cope with, even for an adult.

Please help us to continue bringing this innovative therapy tool to Ukraine by donating to the program and sharing our posts.

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