Hibuki dolls help kids in Kharkiv City Clinical Hospital

The Hibuki Therapy Project was recently featured in an article in Kharkiv News!

The City Clinical Hospital No. 16 in Kharkiv became the first medical institution where Hibuki therapy was used. The lead psychologist of the institution, Vladislav Andrushchenko, completed the Hibuki training course offered by our project and now uses this technique to treat psychological trauma among preschoolers in Kharkiv. The hospital received 16 free Hibuki therapy dolls.

As if experiencing war is not difficult enough, these children are also going through complex medical treatments and procedures. The Hibuki Therapy doll gives them the ability to have their own resources to aid in recovery.

We thank our donors who have allowed us to help the children of Ukraine. Consider making a donation today with the link below, so that more children can begin healing from the trauma they have experienced.