PEI donation of truck-mounted mobile medical clinic. Ceremony at the Holodomor Memorial (June 21)

Hundreds of hospitals across Ukraine have been severely damaged or destroyed since the brutal Russian invasion began on February 24. Thousands of sick and wounded civilians and refugees urgently need medical care, especially in de-occupied territories.
Please join us on June 21st for a ceremony that will be held at the Holodomor memorial in Washington, DC. This ceremony will honor the joining of forces of United Help Ukraine and Pacific Engineering Inc. (PEI), who will donate a re-purposed truck-mounted mobile medical clinic, called the Rapid On Demand Portable Medical Platform (ROD-PMP), to UHU for rapid deployment to Ukraine.
The Holodomor Memorial honors the five million or more victims of Stalin’s deliberate famine-genocide during 1932-33. The memorial has become a rallying point for US-Ukrainian popular opposition to Putin’s genocidal invasion of Ukraine.
The PEI truck mounted mobile clinic, manned by a two-person medical team, has
two exam rooms and can treat up to 150 patients a day, ideal for multiple trips within a day to areas that need the most medical attention.
This mobile clinic will help save the lives of hundreds of individuals in need of medical care in areas where access is minimal because of the war’s destruction. We thank PEI for donating this medical unit, along with our supporters that will allow us to transport this vehicle to Kharkiv to administer medical care to many individuals in need!