Turning a 120 year old school into refugee housing (video)

The mission: Transform a vacant school built in 1899 into a comfortable shelter for refugees.

Rural central and western Ukraine have welcomed hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing other regions of Ukraine that have borne the brunt of Russia’s brutal, full-scale military invasion.

It is difficult for small communities to provide housing for these internally displaced persons by themselves. Large international organizations focus their assistance efforts on bigger cities. However, United Help Ukraine goes outside the major population centers. Inasmuch as it appears that Russia’s war against Ukraine will not end soon, the need for longer-term housing for refugees must be a priority. 

A small rural community in western Ukraine identified a facility that could be transformed into a residential space for refugees but it lacked the funds to carry out such a project.  United Help Ukraine stepped in to help.  Take a look at how the funds you have donated to UHU are making an important impact on the lives of refugees.