Muse Health: Donation for Hospitals across Ukraine

Muse Health has donated 2.1 million ounces of USP grade hand sanitizer, worth more than $1.3 million, in order to be distributed to hospitals across Ukraine. They have generously covered these costs along with shipment to our warehouse in Lviv, and United Help Ukraine will be taking care of the distribution!
Hand sanitizer may not seem like much, but with the unprecedented pressure hospitals across Ukraine feel with the growing number of patients and the interrupted supply chains, this donation will allow hospitals to continue providing life-saving services while following necessary hygienic procedures.
The 200,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and hand wash are expected to arrive in late June, and we hope you follow along on our updates once the shipping containers arrive and we begin distribution!
We thank Muse Health for their generous donation, and we thank our supporters for allowing us the resources to be able to distribute these to our partner hospitals across Ukraine!