June 1, 2023
Portable battery powered surgical lighting devices are extremely critical for performing surgeries in conflict zones where electricity is a challenge. Thanks to an incredible donation from Vivo Surgical, we were able to coordinate the delivery of these portable lamps along with other medical supplies from Singapore to Poland, and from Poland to our warehouse in Lviv. From Lviv, our team was able to distribute the devices to field hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Ukraine. 
These hospitals and facilities treat defenders and civilians wounded on the front lines on a daily basis. With constant air raids across numerous cities in Ukraine, hospitals and facilities providing urgent critical care are at risk of losing power at any second. These portable battery-powered surgical lighting devices are a guarantee that emergency surgeries can continue to be performed where the illumination of the surgical field can become a challenge. Thousands of patients will be saved with these devices!
We thank our donors for the ability to save Ukrainian lives every single day.
Слава Україні!
Glory to Ukraine!