June 1, 2023

United Help Ukraine provided financial support for the Plast (Stanytsya Lviv) production of nutritious snack bars for Ukraine’s defenders.
Plast thanks UHU for the partnership and reports. In their own words:
✅ In March of this year, we started production of nutritious snack bars for our defenders
✅ Each bar has the following nourishing ingredients: prunes, dried apricots, peanuts, hazelnuts, coconut, and honey
✅ We pack the bars along with our letters and kids’ drawings
✅ As of mid-May, we made more than15,000 healthy bars that we sent over to the front lines. We even supplied one foreign legion with these bars 🙂
✅ We also started the production of candies. We sell candies and reinvest the funds raised from the sale into the production of the bars for our defenders
✅ Our candies have the same ingredients as our nutritious bars
✅ Our sweet nutritious bars will energize our heroes and make them stronger. That’s why we make our bars. Besides, they are so very tasty!
✅ What does $3,500 of the financial aid from United Help Ukraine means? It translates into 2.5 weeks of work and the production of 5,000 nutritious snack bars for Ukrainian defenders.”