Fundraiser: Hibuki Therapy for Ukrainian Children

Links to donate for the United Help Ukraine Hibuki Toy project:
Announcing a very special new project: Hibuki, a therapeutic toy for Ukrainian kids.
Over 2,000,000 Ukrainian children are now refugees. Two. Million. Children.
Their road to healing will be long. We want to help and we know we can.
That is why we are partnering with a team of experts from Israel who developed a unique therapeutic tool and methodology: the Hibuki dog.
“Hibuki” means “open arms” in Hebrew. Hibuki was designed over 15 years ago by a team of seasoned child psychologists in Israel looking to support the mental health of children impacted by war.
Introduced to a child by a properly trained adult, Hibuki allows children to project their own emotions onto Hibuki, own a toy that’s comforting, and to begin to process their extremely traumatic experiences.
With its sad face, long arms that allow Hibuki to “hug” the child all day long and other specially designed features, Hibuki has been embraced by every child that has been gifted one – and the approach has been proven to be effective again and again in different countries.
The team of Israeli experts has already introduced Hibuki to thousands of volunteers in Ukraine and refugee shelters across Europe and Israel. Teachers, doctors, therapists, and other volunteers who are helping Ukrainian children impacted by war have been pleading to gain access to this innovative tool, given its success and easy implementation.
We want to gift a Hibuki dog to every Ukrainian child, along with proper training to their caregivers, to help them on their healing journey, and we need your help to make it happen!
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