Helping refugee centers in the West of Ukraine

Thank you Суспільне Новини for helping us demonstrate how exactly we’re able to help people in Ukraine.
United Help Ukraine is helping refugee centers in the Western part of Ukraine. We have funded several grants to provide necessary supplies for temporary and permanent shelters for internally displaced people who flee Russian aggression by traveling to Rivne, Lviv, and Chernivci.

A translated section of the article, for our English speaking friends:
“Volunteers bring refrigerators, washing machines and electric stoves to the dormitories of Rivne, where the internally displaced people are housed. The money for the purchase of equipment is collected by the Ukrainian community of Washington DC, USA.
This is not the first time such assistance has been delivered, says Tetyana Kidruk, the Head of the Board of the Heart for Children of Ukraine Charitable Foundation. This organization has been assisted by their partners in the United States, US Ukrainian Activists and United Help Ukraine. They work with the city council who coordinate the placement of internally displaced people to dormitories, learn about people’s needs and provide them with necessary items.”