Rally at the Lincoln Memorial

It has been a month of resistance since Russia attacked Ukraine— a democratic, sovereign country in the heart of Europe. Millions of Ukrainians lost their homes. Thousands lost their lives, more than one hundred children perished. Russia’s unprovoked attack on the people of Ukraine continues at this very moment.
Ukraine continues to fight for its independence and democracy, bravely and courageously, defending the fundamental values of a free nation. Unarmed Ukrainians stop tanks and Russian columns on their knees. But Ukraine cannot win this war alone. While the world stands with Ukraine in solidarity, much more needs be done to stop this mass killing of civilians.
Our rally at the Lincoln Memorial, which honors a US President who safeguarded the freedoms of this nation, is a call on the United States to defend Ukraine’s freedom and democracy. We urge the United States to:
1. Close the sky over Ukraine and provide Ukraine with effective air defense systems
2. End all business ties with Russia and cut all Russian banks from SWIFT;
3. Direct humanitarian aid more quickly to Ukraine;
4. Streamline the process for Ukrainian refugees in the U.S.
We are grateful for the support of the United States but much more needs to be done. Each day of the delay costs human lives. Russian missiles strike at the homes and cities of Ukrainians, killings hundreds of innocent civilians.
Putin must see that the free world will not let this continue. The United States must act now.