June 1, 2023

Today in USA we celebrate Veterans Day, appreciating brave men and women who served our country and often paid the highest price for our freedom and security.

Two weeks ago, United Help Ukraine, US Ukrainian Activists​, and many members of Ukrainian community in the Metropolitan DC Area greeted a group of 18 Ukrainian Veterans who came to participate in the 44th US Marine Corps Marathon​ in Washington, DC. We wanted to show our deep appreciation for these brave men and women, who defended Ukraine against Russian aggression, were wounded in the war, and now came to the US with the mission to run the marathon and continue to bring attention to the war in Ukraine. Their stories are inspiring and their energy and determination are admirable.

Thanks to generous donations from our numerous supporters, United Help Ukraine has raised over $3,000, which were spent on purchasing professional running footwear and valuable presents for the team and their children.

At these same days, Ukrainian community was hosting 5 children of fallen Ukrainian Warriors, who came to visit Washington, DC and cheer for the Marathon runners. UHU has raised additional $1,320, largely from a generous donation from Ismail Shahtakhtinski​ and his friends to purchase gift cards for the children and accompanying them father Stefan.

UHU would like to express great appreciation to all our supporters, who continue to contribute to our initiatives, helping Ukrainian Veterans and their families.

We also would like to say special thanks to Irina Polisalova​ and Tamara Rudolph for purchasing gifts for the runners and their children, George Sajewych​ for coordinating the running shoes purchase, Vladyslav Ovcharenko​ for providing items for oral hygiene and Yuliya Murashko​ and Allie Lozitski for assembling the basic needs packages for the Marathoners.

For the past three years, we have welcomed the team of Marathoners and were happy to see the team grow bigger every year. We hope to see old friends and new runners, representing Ukrainian Veterans in the 45th US Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC next year.