Container full of medical equipment is on its way to Irpin Military Hospital (video)


Last Friday, the work was in full swing at a Project C.U.R.E facility in Denver, CO. This marked the culmination of the exciting project that United Help Ukraine had in partnership with Support Hospitals in Ukraine and Embassy of Ukraine in the USA. Our representative Ruslan Zamaray traveled to Denver to join the Support Hospitals in Ukraine team and participate in the loading of the containers.


As we reported earlier, since November 2018, United Help Ukraine was able to raise enough funds to cover the shipment cost for a 40-ft container of medical equipment and supplies for Irpin Military Hospital, Kyiv Oblast. The container includes valuable equipment that is urgently needed at this medical facility to achieve adequate diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation services for wounded Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

Once again, we would like to thank our partners and the many donors who made possible the realization of this important project!

As noted by Support Hospitals in Ukraine, during the next weeks a fright forwarder MEEST-America, Inc. will deliver the containers to Ukraine, and Міжнародний благодійний фонд “Сприяння розвитку медицини” will provide support with the customs clearance in Kyiv.