UHU helped to pay car’s customs fee for a wounded warrior

Friends, last year many of you helped us to raise funds for a car for Mykhaylo (Angel) Lupeiko who lost both legs to the war. As we reported, about a year ago, Angel bought the car and has been actively using it since then. Because he has the car, he is able to take classes and be active in a veterans’ organization. Unfortunately, right after he bought the car, he learned that the law had just changed and he had to pay an additional customs tax (the so called “rozmytnennya”). For a long time, he had been using the car without paying the fee in the hope that there would be changes to the law to address veterans’ benefits. However, such changes to the law did not happen and recently he had been requested to pay the fee without further delay. Yuliya Severyn, our long-time volunteer who’d been helping Angel, learned about this situation and decided to ask United Help Ukraine to help with this payment. UHU provided the additional funds to cover the customs fee and now Angel can continue using the car without these unfortunate worries.