New Year vacation in the Carpathians

Friends, thanks to your support, once again United Help Ukraine was able to sponsor a week-long New Year vacation in the Carpathian mountains for a group of Ukrainian defenders and their families. This trip is the latest success of the Family-Focused Therapy Program for rehabilitation of warriors in Ukraine. It was organized by Vsevolod Stebliuk (also known as Ilovaisk hero “doctor Aibolit”). This time, the group of 13 people included soldiers who took a break from the active duty to spend time with their families. The group spent a week in a snowy and cozy area of the Carpathians, located in a tranquil place far away from all the world’s problems. As in the past, the group traveled along with professional psychologists who understand the problems faced by soldiers in combat and the challenges of families waiting for them at home. They understand these problems and are always ready to provide effective assistance. The program included:
• Sauna
• Shish kebab master class
• Banosh master class
• Museum of Hutsul Magic
• R. Kumlik Museum
• I. Franko Museum
• and, of course, the tastiest Hutsul cuisine.