UHU-“Support Hospitals in Ukraine” partnership

Dear friends,
United Help Ukraine (UHU) and “Support Hospitals in Ukraine” have joined forces to deliver a 40-ft container of medical equipment and supplies to Irpin Military Hospital, Kyiv Oblast (Ірпінський військовий шпиталь) and Zhytomyr Regional Military Rehabilitation Center (Житомирський обласний центр реабілітації учасників АТО).
Both hospitals have specific lists of medical items urgently needed at their facilities to achieve adequate diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation services for wounded Ukrainian soldiers. Medical equipment and supplies requested by the hospitals will be provided by Project CURE. “Support Hospitals in Ukraine” has successfully worked with this US organization since 2015 and together they have already delivered to Ukraine 4 containers worth $2.4 million!
Project CURE collects and stores surplus medical equipment from different hospitals across the US. Once we have funds available, Project CURE will match hospitals’ requests with the inventory on hand and, in cooperation with senior receiving hospital staff, will determine the exact cargo. 

The average value of medical supplies packed in a 40-ft container is $700,000. The cost to pack and ship to Ukraine – $23,000, and includes only Project CURE operating costs and shipping fee.
UHU has already collected $5,164 that came from proceeds of a concert in commemoration of “Heavenly Hundred” that took place in February 2018 and was organized by UHU and the Embassy of Ukraine and from the ceramics sale ($615) at the classical piano concert in April 2018.
With the generosity and help of our many supporters and friends, UHU is hoping to raise $18,000 to cover the remaining cost of this extremely important and valuable cargo.
Please consider making a donation that will have the most valuable impact on the lives of many wounded soldiers and injured civilians, who will receive quick and reliable diagnoses and better treatment using advanced medical equipment.

Donations can be made: