June 1, 2023

On the New Year’s Eve, the fifth group of veterans and their families has spent a week-long vacation in the Carpathian Mountains. This group consisted of commanding officers, doctors, and chaplains. They spent another difficult year in a combat service in the ATO, a year they spent in a struggle for the lives of the wounded, a year of difficult losses. They came to the training center Zaroslyak, at the foot of the Hoverla mountain, to spend time with their families and friends and to receive much needed physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Please look at the album with the story by Vsevolod Stebliuk (in Ukrainian).

Team UHU is grateful to our donors who supported this important project!
We are grateful to Vsevolod Stebliuk​ and Kate Pronoza​ for organizing the project and for developing psychological rehabilitation program for veterans and their families.