June 1, 2023

By Yuliya Murashko:

Dear friends,

This is an update about the United Help Ukraine’s fundraiser that I started in November 2017 to buy a handcycle for Sasha Chalapchhiy.

By Dec 31st we raised $2,090. However, things did not go as planned, in a good way. An anonymous donor purchased a brand new handcycle for Sasha! All we had to do was to figure out a way to deliver it to Ukraine.

Thankfully, our Ukrainian volunteer Gennadiy Murashko (aka Papa Gena) , who visited us for the New Year’s holiday, agreed to take the handcycle on his way back to Ukraine, as part of his luggage with help of UHU volunteer Vlad Ovchynnikov. It turned out that KLM airlines just love bicycles as they charged us only $150 for this additional piece of luggage that was a huge 60lb box.

In Ukraine, Gennadiy met with Sasha and Vadim Sviridenko to hand deliver the handcycle. As you can see on the pictures, Sasha already had put it together and now he is ready to start training for the Invictus Games tryouts that are scheduled for March.

As was mentioned in the original fundraiser post, if there would be any money left from the purchase of the handcycle, we would apply them towards UHU’s wounded warrior fund. Most likely we will use funds to purchase “connectors” and a few other tools for Vadim Sviridenko’s prosthetic hands.

Again, and as usual, huge thank you to everyone helping UHU to help others!