Two large boxes with Christmas gifts for children arrived in Mykolaiv

Two large boxes with backpacks, lego blocks and other toys for 18 children of Fallen and Wounded Ukrainian Heroes from Mykolaiv Region have been received by volunteers in Ukraine. The volunteers already presented the gifts to some kids and are going to travel around the region in the coming days distributing the rest of them.
In the comments under the attached pictures, our friends posted notes about each family. These are a 12-year-old kozak who lost his dad in the war; a brother and sister who lost their father; soldier Ivan Semeniuk who had spent eight months in the war, all while concealing a serious illness — he is currently fighting cancer and is going to win this battle because he has two little kids whom he loves so much; a young mother with two kids — their father was killed in the war; a mother of 3 kids, the youngest has stomach problems and spends a lot of time in the hospital, she needs special food.

The families and Ukrainian volunteers thank all of you, dear friends, for these special gifts!