Report from volunteers in Zaporizhzhya

Zaporizhzhya these days is reminiscent of ancient Rome. “All roads lead to Zaporizhzhya” is the saying of our days. All roads, to the front lines and from the front lines, seam to cross here. And volunteers from all over Ukraine cross their paths in the city of Zaporizhzhya… This has become the true asset for the city because the volunteer brotherhood is an extraordinary force. First and foremost, the volunteer brotherhood is incredible in its power of kindness and creativity!

Thanks to volunteer Roman Volytskyy​ , volunteers in Zaporizhzhya received medical supplies from volunteers from the United States of America. The supplies were delivered to the Surgical and Intensive Care Departments of the Children’s Regional Hospital. The donations included various surgical sets, instruments, bandaging, a lot of suture material, patches, laryngoscopes, electrocoagulator, etc. All these medical supplies are absolutely essential for the hospital to have, yet they are expensive and scarce here. The doctors and nurses were totally delighted: if only you could see their faces when they accepted and sorted these gifts! Right away the supplies have been put to use to treat children.

The team of doctors of the Children’s Regional Hospital, the parents whose children are being treated there, the volunteers of Zaporizhzhya express their gratitude to the Ukrainians of America for their solidarity and assistance in this difficult time for Ukraine! Many thanks to Volunteer Movement “Ukraina ponad usse” of Syracuse, to United Help Ukraine, to Brother’s Brother Foundation. Thank you to Tetyana Neeley​ , Tanya Aldave​ , Roman Volytskyy, Natalia Chabala, Larissa Vovk​, Anna Panchishak​, Olena Kozlova-Pates, and so many more Americans who help Ukraine and Ukrainians! We really do need your help right now, and it is really important to feel your support. This feeling of the world brotherhood gives us so much strength!
No matter how far we are from Ukraine, we are all Ukrainians. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Ukrainians!