Medical supplies delivered to the front lines


Medical supplies from United Help Ukraine​ and Olena Kozlova-Pates​ have been delivered to:

1) Larisa Kirikovich (Mama) who is with the medical service of the 5th Battalion of UDA, in Maryinka,

2) Taira (Yulia Paevska), the head of the ASAP unit in Mariupol.

Both Larisa (who the soldiers call simply Mama) and Taira care tirelessly about the soldiers and had saved numerous lives during these past years.

They sent us the pictures with the following note:
“We received the shipment! There are bandages, intubation tubes, suture material, systems, wound clips, scissors, wound drainage wipes, napkins and more! Some of these supplies we will be sending to the Kurakhovo Central Reginal Hospital. Sincere thank you to United Help Ukraine and Olena Kozlova-Pates!”

Special thank you to Геннадий Мурашко​ and Yuliya Murashko​!