Supplies for the post-surgery care for two orphans from the ATO zone

Doctor Roman Zhezhera from the National Children’s Hospital OkhMatDyt in Kyiv contacted United Help Ukraine with an urgent request. He performed the laparoscopic splenectomy on two orphans from the ATO zone who were suffering from microspherocytic anemia. The kids required endobags for their post-surgery care but the hospital did not provide them. United Help Ukraine stepped in and paid $160 for two endobags for these children. A special thank you to Tetyana Neeley and her brother who delivered the items in Kyiv.
We know Dr. Zhezhera from the time he performed a successful complicated surgery on another kid, a son of a ATO soldier, Kostya Podolyan. At the time, United Help Ukraine helped with the medical and special dietary supplies for Kostya.