Raising awareness about realities of the war with Russia

“Of course, no photography is able to stop a war. But it can overcome indifference – the driving force of evil, to encourage us all to think about the price of Victory.”

A Ukrainian war photographer, a renowned author, Ukrainian war veterans and volunteers joined forces to organize a series of exhibitions, round tables, and concerts in local communities throughout Ukraine to tell people about the realities of this terrible war. Close interaction with war veterans will help foster active civil position, especially in the younger generation. The exhibitions and events will narrate about life at the front lines, the fallen heroes, the wounded warriors and their difficult path to recovery and everyday life.

United Help Ukraine is a proud supporter of this important project. $450 of UHU’s funds have been used to print a set of booklets and photographs made by war photographer and veteran of Donbas Battalion Yuriy Velychko. The photographs are to make exhibition “Life on ‘Zero'”.

We will continue to provide updates as the project goes on.