Paint Night

Once upon a time, on a rainy evening on May 11, a group of art enthusiasts gathered in a cozy Mediterranean restaurant Agora near Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. Sixteen brave artists were ready to create sixteen beautiful paintings under the thoughtful instructions of a professional artist, our very own Oleksandra Pavlyuk. The atmosphere was relaxing and creative. While sipping wine, we improvised on the theme of Van Gogh’s Starry Night in the Ukrainian aura of the blue-and-yellow tone and sunflowers.
The session was split into two parts. During the brief intermission, the painters were checking on each other’s works while drinking more wine and socializing. It was during the intermission when we suddenly realized, with amazement, that every person’s work was very different from the works of others. Each piece carried its own unique personality reflecting the personality of its creator. And this is despite the fact that each one of us was diligently following Oleksandra’s step-by-step instructions!
After the intermission the artists were inspired anew to get back to their canvases and complete their impressionistic masterpieces. And once again we marveled on the very individual feel of every piece after finally we saw the finished artworks.
The event was a great success. In addition to the new skills acquired, the art works that we brought home, and the feeling of satisfaction that cannot be measured, we also raised funds — the net amount after expenses is $689 — that will be used for United Help Ukraine charitable projects.
We would like to thank Oleksandra for creating this fun and educational event! Thank you to Oleksandra’s assistants for your help!
Looking forward to having more Paint Nights!