Publication of important handbooks on battlefield surgery (video)

Important handbooks on battlefield surgery “Essays on surgery of a battlefield abdomen trauma” and “Ultrasound diagnostics of abdominal trauma and its complications” have been recently re-published and distributed in the war zone hospitals in the eastern Ukraine. The authors of the handbooks are experienced Ukrainian military surgeons. United Help Ukraine’s volunteer Tetyana Neeley initiated the project of republishing the books and coordinated the collection of $500 toward this publication.

One of the authors, doctor Yaroslav Zarutsky is a medical colonel and Head of the Department of Military Surgery at the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy. In the video, Dr. Zarutsky thanks UHU volunteers for their support of Ukraine’s hospitals and wounded, and for helping with re-publishing of the handbooks that will be used by military doctors in the war zone, as well as in the classroom, to prepare new generations of doctors in Ukraine.