April 2017 shipment of humanitarian aid

In April 2017 United Help Ukraine shipped 39 boxes of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The total shipping cost is $1,490, which is very little in comparison to the value of the items shipped.

Out of the 39 boxes:

16 boxes will be delivered to various hospitals in Ukraine and front lines to help wounded. The boxes contain clothes for wounded, adult diapers, and a huge amount of first aid supplies received through Olena Kozlova-Pates​ , such as sutures, bandages, gloves, cask supplies, etc.

– 3 boxes with uniforms and light thermal wear are coordinated by UHU volunteer Oksana Osipova​ and will be delivered to Volyn region defenders via Александра Фальчук.

6 boxes with boots, socks, backpacks, and uniforms, coordinated by UHU volunteer Tanya Aldave​ , will be delivered to Ivano-Frankivsk region to be distributed by Bohdan Druzhkin​.

5 boxes of children clothes and first aid medical supplies are heading to Sasha Krushevskaya​ to be distributed at the front lines, coordinated by UHU volunteer Marina Baydyuk​.

– 9 boxes of baby and children clothes will be distributed to children from the ATO gray zone.

Huge thank you to Ukraine Express for always supporting us with our shipments!