Suitcases of Medical Supplies for Ukrainian Hospitals

United Help Ukraine sends 2-3 pieces of luggage per month full of medical supplies

In the course of the last two years United Help Ukraine covered “extra luggage” costs and arranged shipping for over 25 suitcases of medical supplies with people traveling to Ukraine. Each suitcase contained 50 pounds of medical supplies with monetary value ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 per suitcase. Medical supplies were donated to United Help Ukraine by the Brother’s Brother Foundation.

This important task is being coordinated by United Help Ukraine’s team member Tetyana Neeley. Tetyana would place and pick up the orders with the Brother’s Brother Foundation. After the supplies are received from the Brother’s Brother, she would pack the 50lb bags and take these bags (often, directly to the airport) to the people who would carry this extra luggage with them and deliver the supplies to Ukraine. Tetyana would also take care of all the necessary paperwork. After the luggage arrives to Ukraine, she also coordinates distribution to hospitals.

The medical supplies are very welcome and quickly put to good at a variety of facilities.